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  • Can I request a custom order?
    Yes, custom orders are accepted.
  • How do I know how much a custom order will cost?
    Each order varies depending on what is involved in the work and design. Submit what you are looking for and we can figure out pricing.
  • If I buy in bulk, do I get a discount?"
    Bulk orders do get a discount pricing, the larger the order the larger the discount given.
  • Do you only do engraving?
    No, I also do sublimation work as well as woodworking.
  • What types of products can you engrave?
    Wood, acrylic, leather, glass, stainless steel, copper, ect. If there is a specific type of material you are looking to get engraved just ask, I am more than willing to look into new materials.
  • Can I give you a specific item and you customize on that product?
    Depending on the material of the product, yes it can be customized.
  • What is your turn around time?
    Turn around time varies on the size of the order, usual turn around time is 48 hours or less for smaller orders.
  • Do you ship items?
    Yes, I do ship.
  • If I am local, can I pick up my items? "
    Local pickup is always welcome.
  • Can any design be engraved?
    When using the laser to engrave designs can only be done in black on stainless steel, or when engraving off powder coating it will be stainless under it. So multiple color designs must be converted to a single color for engraving. Color can only be done when using sublimation.
  • What is the benefit to engraving versus using vinyl?
    When engraving on a tumbler it is a chemical reaction that takes place that produces the engraving with the heat of the laser. Engravings will not easily scratch off, vinyl are stickers that are applied to a cup and can be removed.
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